8 AWE-INSPIRING photos of Bangkok

So as some of you may know I’m currently in Bangkok- due to leave on a sleeper train for Chiang Mai in about 8 hours or so. I thought I’d just share a few words about this city.

I have mixed emotions about Bangkok. On the one hand, it is a flatulent, dirty city, and desperate people line the streets, trying to peddle the same goods and foods as the people next to them, unable to receive any welfare help from their government. Animals lie struggling to survive on the streets. Walking around the city you can feel the fumes of the roads, filled to capacity with inefficient buses and cars, sticking to your skin, your hair. Walking is an uncomfortable experience; crossing a couple of kilometres in the city on the bus can take an hour.

Conversely, Bangkok is still the new city of opportunity. Every corner turned presents something new. Wandering around the city you are constantly overwhelmed by what could be, what could happen. You will never eat a better meal for ¬£1 than in Bangkok. The convergence of cultures creates a vibe unlike any I’ve experienced.

As a tribute to this city, I selected some of my favourite photos from my time here, hopefully inspiring you to visit someday:







Oh shit just realised most of these were the ones I saved for the ‘YOU WON’T BELIEVE THESE 5 pictures of accidental floor shots, shaky Chinatown picture¬†and one of me in the dark overlooking Bangkok’ article.


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